Our board certified Dallas Ob/Gyns provide women with attentive, compassionate care

Having a baby is a major life-changing event in a woman’s life, and our Dallas Ob/Gyns and staff commit to provide patients with individualized medical attention, accompanied by information and education that will make them feel secure.

Mothers-to-be develop warm relationships with our Ob/Gyns and staff as they journey through their pregnancy and birth, whether it’s a first baby or a new sibling. That trust and confidence is reinforced by the knowledge that they are in good hands. Our Dallas Ob/Gyns have received many awards from our peers and our patients, including D Magazine Best Doctor and Patients’ Choice Awards, Texas Monthly Super Doctors , Dallas Child Mom-Approved, and Best Doctors in America.

We are experienced providers for women with normal or high-risk pregnancies

From your first prenatal appointment until your follow-up visit after giving birth, our Dallas Ob/Gyns will work with you to ensure that you understand what is happening to your body and how your baby is growing and changing.

We offer sonography, lab tests and fetal monitoring and assessments right in our offices for your convenience—we know you are a busy mother-to-be!

Women who have high-risk pregnancies due to gestational diabetes, obesity, advanced age, hypertension or multiple pregnancy can rely on the skill and knowledge of our Dallas Ob/Gyns as they progress through their pregnancy. We closely monitor high-risk pregnancies to help ensure a good outcome for both mother and baby.

Our Dallas Ob/Gyns work with women to create the ideal birth experience

We know that mothers-to-be have their own plans and ideas about their birth experience, and we want to discuss and create a birth plan to help ensure that your ideas about childbirth are respected. Our Dallas Ob/Gyns respect your decisions, whether you want natural childbirth or an epidural to assist in pain management during your delivery; after all, we’ve been delivering babies for over 30 years.

Our Dallas Ob/Gyns want to partner with you during this important time in your life

If you want to work with obstetricians who respect you and treat you as a partner during the experience of pregnancy and birth, contact us. Our Dallas Ob/Gyns are here to provide you with their expertise, skill and care during this special time of life.

Having trouble conceiving? Our Dallas Ob/Gyns and staff offer infertility services.

If you and your partner have been engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse without conceiving, talk to our Dallas Ob/Gyns about our infertility services. Women over 35 should seek help after six months. We offer fertility testing, ovarian reserve testing, semen analysis and hysterosalpingograms, an x-ray examination that allows our ObGyns to examine the uterus and fallopian tubes. We also offer intrauterine insemination (IUI) to help you conceive.