Our Dallas and Frisco Ob/Gyns explain what you need to know about routine pregnancy care

Our Dallas and Frisco Ob/Gyns understand that your pregnancy journey is special and is uniquely yours. While we always treat each woman as an individual, there are a few key points that we would like patients to consider as they plan for routine pregnancy care.

What to expect during prenatal visits for routine pregnancy care

Some patients begin their pregnancy journey with us before they even conceive. Our Dallas and Frisco Ob/Gyns encourage patients to schedule a visit with us for preconception planning. During this visit, we will extensively discuss your medical and family history. We also discuss diet, lifestyle, current medications and any existing medical conditions such as diabetes.

Once you suspect that you are pregnant, you will come see our Dallas and Frisco Ob/Gyns for your first prenatal visit. During this important routine pregnancy visit, our physicians and staff will order bloodwork and your personal physician will perform a pelvic examination.

This visit also includes quite a bit of discussion with our caring Dallas and Frisco Ob/Gyns about your current health and existing medical conditions:

  • Past pregnancy history
  • Medications you currently take
  • Your lifestyle and habits
  • Symptoms you may expect and how to manage them

At your follow-up appointments, we will monitor your weight, check your blood pressure, listen for your fetus’ heart sounds, and take a urine sample.

Routine pregnancy tests

All of our pregnant patients can expect to receive certain routine pregnancy tests. In your first trimester, these include blood work and urinalysis, as well as a Pap smear and vaginal culture during your first pelvic examination.

Our Dallas and Frisco Ob/Gyns also test patients for rubella (German measles), HIV, sexually transmitted diseases, and Hepatitis B.

As part of routine pregnancy care, patients will also be tested later in their pregnancy for Group B streptococci (GBS). Women also receive an Rh antibody test. These tests help address potential problems that can affect your baby at birth.

We offer ultrasounds at our offices for our patients’ convenience, as well as lab tests and fetal monitoring.

Giving birth in Dallas or Frisco

Our Dallas patients give birth at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas Margot Perot Women’s & Children’s Hospital and our Frisco patients deliver at Centennial Medical Center in Frisco. All of our patients can expect to discuss their wishes and plans for giving birth as part of routine pregnancy care. We want patients’ wishes to be observed during and after the birth of their babies.

Partner with our Dallas and Frisco Ob/Gyns for important routine pregnancy care

We want you to be involved, educated and excited about your pregnancy during your routine pregnancy visits.

Our Dallas and Frisco Ob/Gyns feel privileged to be a part of the miracle of birth every day, and we work to make that experience the best it can be by providing expert routine pregnancy care to our patients. Contact us to partner with our team at Health Central Women’s Care.