Time Just for You: Let’s Talk Women’s Wellness

Your annual wellness exam can enhance peace of mind, or bring to light health concerns before they progress. Either way, it feels good to be sure.

What to expect during your wellness, or well-woman, appointment:

  • A review of your health history and discussion about any concerns
  • Counsel about how exercise and diet contribute to wellness
  • Confirmation that your vaccinations are current
  • Vital sign assessment, including weight and blood pressure
  • Orders to prescribe or refill medications
  • An age-appropriate physical exam
  • Review of any contraception or birth control needs

Health Central adopted an electronic medical record system to maximize your one-on-one time in a wellness exam. Updating your history and providing questions beforehand empowers your physician to address all your needs, providing advice to help keep you in optimal physical shape and anticipatory guidance for women who plan to become pregnant.