Health Screenings: Proactive by Design

Essential health screenings such as pap smears and blood tests help detect at an early stage the presence of worrisome cells or irregularities. Physical exams can detect abnormalities in the breast and pelvis area.

Your physician will ensure you have had all the recommended screening tests for your age, such as mammograms and colorectal screening, as well as other tests suggested by your symptoms.

  • For teens, knowledge and information is key so they can enter the next phase of life with good health.
  • For women of childbearing age, choices in contraception are important, as are decisions regarding if and when to try for pregnancy.

Your physician can also help ease the transition to menopause, and help treat gynecologic issues along the way.

After menopause, screening with mammography and bone density becomes more important. Physical activity and dietary advice can help direct your personal wellness goals at any age.

For over 30 years, Dallas and Plano teens, adults and seniors have shared their life passages with Health Central Women’s Care. When you call to schedule a general wellness appointment, we’ll prioritize and protect your health now, and over a lifetime.