Curious about how MonaLisa Touch® works to put an end to vaginal dryness and painful intercourse?

MonaLisa Touch® is an effective non-surgical solution for vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. Many patients are intrigued by this FDA approved treatment and they’re curious to know how it works.

MonaLisa Touch® is known as “a functional vaginal rejuvenation treatment,” meaning that the treatment is used to treat an actual medical problem with the vagina. MonaLisa Touch® uses a fractional CO2 laser to reactivate the production of collagen and restore the vaginal wall.

The CO2 laser gently creates “indistinguishable micro-lesions” on the vaginal wall. These micro-lesions trigger a neocollagenesis process to produce new collagen. In addition to promoting the tissue regeneration process, the micro-lesions also help reestablish the mucosal layer of the vagina.

With MonaLisa Touch®, patients often see significant improvement in vaginal dryness and painful intercourse after the first treatment. This is because MonaLisa Touch® immediately triggers the process of tissue regeneration.

Women will start with three treatments, each lasting about 5 minutes, but many will notice improvement after the first treatment. Results last about a year, and there will be a single annual maintenance treatment.

The results of MonaLisa Touch® are immediate and, since it is a non-surgical treatment, anesthesia is not required. Patients report feeling a light vibration in the treatment area.

As for post-procedure pain and recovery, most patients report minor localized discomfort for a few hours after a treatment session. However, most women are able to resume their regular activities the same day.

Your ObGyn will give you specific instructions after treatment. As for sexual activity, it is recommended that you wait 48 hours after treatment. Again, your doctor will provide more specific instructions tailored to your specific situation.

Not just any doctor can provide MonaLisa Touch® treatments. Our Dallas ObGyns have received special training in MonaLisa Touch® and are able to treat patients with this FDA approved treatment.

If you have any questions about MonaLisa Touch®, please contact our Dallas ObGyn team for more information.